For Parents

Academy Dates

VIMA is hosted by the Brentwood College’s oceanfront campus, which has an international reputation that matches their educational profile as one of the world’s great boarding schools. Sheltered on the pristine coastline of Vancouver Island, the College’s 77-acre campus has over one kilometre of waterfront facing the Gulf Islands and stunning views of a snow-capped Mount Baker. The College is located forty kilometres north of Victoria and is adjacent to the village of Mill Bay (population 3,250). It is less than one hour's drive from Swartz Bay Ferry terminals and Victoria International Airport.

This beautiful setting and our modern campus open up a wide variety of opportunities for our students. The Academy is the perfect place to turn off the electronics and focus on personal and artistic development.


VIMA accepts approximately 100 students for the two-week Academy. Students are housed according to age and gender in large residence houses. Minors are chaperoned by live-in resident assistants (counsellors).

Each residence has two single beds, closets, desks and chairs. Bath towels and hand/face cloths are supplied daily. Full bedding is supplied and refreshed once mid-stay. Each residence house has coin operated laundry machines. Single occupancy requests will be accommodated for students at a surcharge of $838 CAD.

Each residence house is situated to provide easy and quick access to the Arts Building, sports facilities and cafeteria. The houses are also grouped in close proximity to each other, allowing students the opportunity to socialize with friends and siblings. Each of these houses have been newly renovated in the past five years. These buildings are modern and comfortable with spacious kitchen and eating areas, wireless internet access, televisions, and common areas for socializing with friends from other houses. Each house has its own character and unique traditions that help foster lifelong friendships.

Food Services

All students who register for “on-campus” tuition will be provided three full buffet-style meals per day for the duration of the Academy. All students who register for “off-campus” tuition will also have the option to register for full cafeteria privileges. Please indicate this on the application form if applicable to you, and fees will be advised on request.

The Food Services at Brentwood offers a large variety of delicious foods for every meal, and will cater to any specific dietary restriction. Indicate any specific nutritional/dietary/allergy requirements in your application.

Any student over the age of 18 who is living on campus has the option of using the common-area kitchen in the residence house to prepare light snacks. No student under the age of 18 can use the oven in the kitchen.


Students under the age of 18 have live-in counsellors who wake them in the morning for breakfast, chaperone them throughout the day and check them back into their rooms at the 11:00 pm curfew.

Students under the age of 18 are not allowed to leave campus without parental, faculty or counsellor supervision. Students may leave campus with an adult visitor authorized by a parent or guardian, only if a  Visitor Permission Form  is signed by the parent or guardian. The name, date and time of the adult visitation must be indicated in the Visitor Permission Form. Visiting adults must register in the office prior to leaving campus with the student. The proper documentation must be signed before release.


There are many solo, chamber and orchestral performance opportunities for students throughout the VIMA season. Students can take advantage of outside concerts, concerts at the T. Gil Bunch Theatre, faculty studio classes and masterclasses, and guest artist masterclasses. Students are also highly encouraged to audit any private lesson or workshop of their liking.

Practice and Recreation

Each student’s daily schedule depends on their assigned studio classes and individually scheduled events. Students must arrange their individual practice time on their instrument in the intervals between the Academy’s scheduled events. Attendance at all scheduled concerts is mandatory throughout the Academy. Time free from lessons, chamber music and orchestra rehearsals, coachings, masterclasses, guest artist events, accompanist’s rehearsals, concerts and off-campus trips is designated as leisure time and may be used for any activity of the student’s choice.

To fill in leisure time, there are a variety of on-campus activities offered for students. Our Recreation Program offers basketball and tennis courts, track and field, cardio and weight rooms, as well as use of paddle boards and kayaks (with special approval at specially designated times). Please note with regards to any water sports activities: as there is no lifeguard on duty, any water sport activity including swimming, paddle boards & kayaks can only be used under full adult supervision for students under the age of 18. Brentwood College will supply all the necessary equipment for every recreational sport and activity. Each residence house has a common area with cable television. The entire campus has Wi-Fi. Sundays, time permitting, allow for more off-campus trips, sightseeing, hiking, church services and shopping.

Student Needs

We understand that our students may have unique needs when away from home. Our staff is always ready to offer immediate assistance if and when required. Helping students with logistical and musical questions, as well as any social issues are all part of our care and concern for each student. Parents are immediately notified if there are health concerns or disruptive behaviour. A talk with the partner will usually help the student refocus and get back on track with their musical studies. A high degree of social maturity and professionalism is expected of each student attending VIMA. A strong willingness to work together, respect for the feelings of others and the motivation to practice every day are necessary to achieve maximum results.

Pocket Money

It would be a good idea for your child to have a small amount of money on hand to purchase a snack or souvenir during our out-of-campus excursion. $50 is the suggested amount. The office at VIMA would be happy to safe-keep any pocket money should the student or parent wish.


There are daily indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) concerts held at various locations throughout the campus. Evening concerts at the T. Gil Bunch Theatre Concert Hall are held on Fridays and Saturdays. Each concert will require mandatory attendance from each student. There will be no charge in attending a concert for anyone. Concert program information is available on the day of the performance.


Parents, family and friends may visit their children at any time. Only family members are allowed in the student residences. Friends may visit with students at the Arts Building or anywhere else on campus. Students under the age of 18 must checkout in the office before leaving campus. (See “Taking a Student Under 18 Off Campus” below.)

Taking a student under 18 off-campus

Students under the age of 18 must sign out in the office before leaving campus. Students must have a signed  Visitor Permission Form  on file in the office to depart with anyone other than their parent.  Visitors must show identification and be listed on the Visitor Release Form or the student may not depart our campus. These precautions are in place to ensure the safety of all our young students.

Please call or email with any questions:

Arrival And Departure Information

Arrival Day: Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Check-in begins at 9:00 am and closes at 3:00 pm.


Upon arrival, students must proceed to the Academy Office for their housing assignments and class schedule information.


The cafeteria will be open for Lunch on Tuesday at 1:00 pm.  All students are required to attend the orientation meeting in the Recital Hall on Tuesday, August 2 at 7:00 pm. Classes begin on Wednesday, August 3.


Return transportation from Victoria International Airport or from Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal to Brentwood College will be provided by the Academy at a cost of $70 CAD. A one-way transportation option is also available at $35 CAD. Please call or email the Admissions Office before July 1st with your travel plans if you would like to be placed on our van pickup schedule.


The preliminary pick-up time from these locations will be at 12:00pm on August 2, 2022. For those planning to use the VIMA transportation service, please plan your inbound travel itinerary accodingly. 


Please note: The Academy van will only provide transportation from those locations and days.

Departure Day: Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Students must check-out in the office and complete the Check-Out Form no later than 9:00 am on Tuesday, August 16. Breakfast on that day is the last meal served at the Academy. Requests for early departures can be accommodated.

Contacting Your Child

If you need to contact your child, please call the VIMA office.

The office numbers are 24-hours attended.

  • +1 778 772-7488;
  • +1 416 735-7499;
  • +1 647 220-7499

For students who do not have a cell phone: please ask your counsellor/chaperone for assistance to contact home. Counsellors wake the minor students in the morning so it is not necessary to use the phone as a morning alarm.

Generally, and especially after hours, EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY PLEASE. Due to the high volume of calls and emails we receive, please do not call the office to relay messages to your child that are not urgent. E-mails and text messages are always preferred.