Who We Are

Our mission is to make our Academy the most immersive and supportive musical environment for everyone, where absolutely everyone is welcome, regardless of age, level or musical background and experience. We believe that being a musician is more than just playing an instrument at a high level and as such, every student at VIMA learns how to be the most complete and versatile musician possible. Furthermore, we strive to make the experience and atmosphere of our Program as familial as possible. Apart from daily musical and recreational activities, our students, parents, faculty, and staff all share meals together and stay in residence houses on campus. Everyone who attends the Academy is part of our family.

The Location

The Vancouver Island Music Academy is hosted by Brentwood College. Sheltered on the pristine coastline of Vancouver Island, the College’s 77-acre campus has over one kilometre of waterfront facing the Gulf Islands and stunning views of a snow-capped Mount Baker. The College is located forty kilometres north of Victoria and is adjacent to the village of Mill Bay.

What excites us the most about having our Academy on Vancouver Island is the idea of making music together in nature. With mountains on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other, one is surrounded by nature and scenery that is unmatched anywhere in the world. This immersion in nature inspired great composers like Beethoven and Brahms, and it is our hope that it will inspire our student’s music making and growth as well.

Join The Family

At Vancouver Island Music Academy we are looking forward to welcoming you for a few wonderful weeks of music making in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Read more about the beautiful and unique LOCATION, discover our world-class FACULTY, see the many interesting COURSES that we offer and read much more about the simple and quick APPLICATION PROCESS. Do not hesitate to CONTACT us if you have any questions!